The Faces of FESTPAC

In 2018, the Hawaiʻi State Legislature appointed a temporary commission to oversee the planning and implementation of FESTPAC 2020.  Its nine members, appointed by the Governor, state lawmakers and officials, represent the culture, spirit and heart of Hawaiʻi.  Many have experienced the power of FESTPAC first hand over the years.


Chair, Senate President’s designee

Senator J. Kalani English


House Speaker’s designee

Representative Richard Onishi

Governor’s designee

Monte McComber

*1992-Rarotonga, 2016-Guam

City & County of Honolulu Mayor’s designee

Misty Kelaʻi

Office of Hawaiian Affairs CEO’s designee

Mehana Hind

Director, Dept. Of Business Economic Development & Tourism

Mike McCartney

Hawaiʻi Tourism Authority President & CEOʻs designee

Kalani Kaʻanāʻanā

*2012-Solomon Islands, 2016-Guam

Community Member, Governor-appointed

Māpuana de Silva

*2000-New Caledonia, 2004-Palau, 2008-American Samoa, 2012-Solomon Islands, 2016-Guam


Snowbird Bento

*1992-Rarotonga, 2004-Palau

*Festival attendance